The Essential Spirits Team

Dave Sr: Master Distiller / Co-Owner

Master Distiller and Co-Owner of Essential Spirits Alambic Distilleries, Dave Classick Sr.

Sgt. Dave Classick (Ret.) is a decorated veteran of the Viet Nam war and long time resident of Mountain View. As Owner and Master Distiller, his European training in the art of distilling brings artistry and efficiency to his skill. An uncompromising commitment to quality acquired from his 20+ year career in Process Engineering at Hewlett Packard, guides him in a constant effort to refine and perfect the distillates of Essential Spirits. It helps that he's a scratch chef, baker and candy maker to boot.

Andrea Mirenda: President / Co-Owner

President and C-Owner of Essential Spirits Alambic Distilleries, Andrea Mirenda

Andrea, a life long resident of Mountain View, helps run the business side of the operation and occasionally shares in the distilling responsibilities.  With over 20+ years experience in high-tech sales and marketing, she brings the skills and creativity needed to introduce Essential Spirits’ unique products to the North American market. 

Dave Jr: Head Distiller / Co-Owner

Head Distiller for Essential Spirits Alambic Distilleries, Dave Jr, dressed like a pirate

Dave Jr has followed in his parents footsteps all his life, and what shoes to fill. Having also worked in the tech industry 10+ years, for such Silicon Valley giants as Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies, and Fairchild Semiconductor, he too shared the feeling that life had something more interesting to offer. With his extensive IT background, and passion for distilling, he brings not only a "high-tech" edge to the company, but also hope for future generations in the family business, and a first step in creating a dynasty, and the shared hope that distilling will "run in the family" from now on. 

Otis tha Dog: Mascot / Spiritual Leader

Otis tha Dog Classick

Otis is Dave Jr's bluenose pitbull, who is never far from his side. His duties mostly include sleeping, eating, and reminding Jr to slow down, chill out, and bask in the sun whenever possible... because life is good, and you can. He is quite the inspiration.