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�.. The richness as the brandy hits your palate is simple sinful. What glorious weight it has. I love supporting our local distillers. Dave Classick Sr. and Jr. are doing an exceptional job creating unbelievable hand crafted spirits. Their Pure Pear Brandy is just that, juicy, fresh pears. Yummy! Thank goodness it is in a 375ml. Because, if it was in a 750ml, I would still drink the whole bottle!"
- Susan Purnell, K & L Wine Merchants, Spirit Buyer

"This product was conceived as a traditional Poire Eau de Vie or Pear William very much in the European style. "

Dave Classick Sr - Master Distiller

The fruit that we use to make PurePear originates from the fabled pear orchards of Lake County in Northern California, the pear capital of the United States and are %100 Bartlett (or Williams) pears.

  • They  are brought in just before the season ends and then allowed to ripen to the peak of perfection before being process by hand.
  • Each and every pear is examined to assure ripeness and that each is whole sound fruit.
  • The stems are then removed  (by hand) before crushing to assure not a trace of wood alcohol is allowed to develop in the finished mash.
  • The mash is then pitched with yeast and allowed to ferment out completely. The entire mash is then transported to the still

Unlike some distilling technologies, which use steam injection or hot water baths, the still at Essential Spirits Alambic Distilleries is direct fired by a 400,00 BTU burner.  A bit unusual for fruit productions due to concerns about scorching or burning, however, thanks to the unique construction of our distilling apparatus, the alcohols are gently rinsed out of the mash without such possibilities.

As every good chef knows the use of a direct gas fire rather than a double boiler or  injection of steam enables us to have much more direct control over the process in the cooker. Also in this manner we assure that the mash doesn’t break down or get watered down and so all of the delicate aromas are preserved to a much higher degree than is normally the case.

The result is nothing short of exquisite. When I am enjoying a glass of these spirits I find myself with my nose buried in the mouth of the glass just inhaling the delicate aromas of fully ripened pear. It always reminds me of the small cottage in southern Oregon where my grandmother used to ripen the pears from her orchard