Classick, the Original American Bierschnaps

Following traditional methods of Bavarian Braumeisters, Essential Spirits is proud to introduce "Classick" the Original American Bierschnaps.

First, we microbrew our own California Pale Ale. The Ale is then hand distilled, in small batches, in one of Europe's finest Alambic stills. The result is an exceedingly smooth clear spirit similar to the finest Vodkas.

Northwestern Hops and American Malt linger in the finish of this delightfully dry (not sweet) aromatic spirit.

Even though Bierschnaps is best served ice cold, it will warm your body and spirit as an aperitif, or as a unique compliment to a beer. Bierschnaps makes a wonderful Martini, or on a hot day, nothing is more refreshing than our signature cocktail, the Classick Lime Ricky.